The IP address is an address that is set as default IP address by the manufacturer of certain broadband modems and routers. It is a private network address that can be used by any device that can operate in a local network, which can be established by the user. Although it is the default address of many network devices it is important to change the address because conflicts will arise if more than one device using the IP address 192.168.l.254 connect to a network at the same time. Changing of the address can be done by use of management software that can be sourced from network device vendors.

How does one access Some success has been achieved when one follows these steps; ping the address, from the start menu access the ‘cmd’ function, input ping this should return results of connection status. If it fails one should access the access point, select the wireless option and access its properties, edit the properties by selecting the IP and input the IP address 192.168.0.n, where ‘n’ is a number between 1 and 100. Once this is done one should tap on the TAB key to automatically generate the subnet mask, after this one can select OK, to close the application. Once done one should follow the prior process.

Significance of

The usage of signifies that it is the IP address used by Linksys routers by default. Changing the IP address will result in the different allocation by DHCP. It is confined to LANs only and cannot be used for connecting to other networks. Connecting with different routers is favored whenever you this IP address.

Resolving the Issue of Routers

However, there might be some conflicting scenarios arising when other routers too are utilizing as their default IP address. The best way to resolve this issue is to change the IP address as your end. This helps in the better path definition for addresses.

Broadband Services

The deficit created by an IP address like for home broadband routers is irreplaceable.  This is also because it is a private IP address for IPv4 level. Hence, it favors different routers to get connected with this IP address in a dynamic fashion.


The efficiency of routers will be reduced if more than one instance of is used. Hence, the usage of this address is limited to just one device alone. The modem settings need to be checked in case a user complains that this IP address is not working even it is meant for private usage.

Tracing Sessions with

Requesting information from the HTTP server by a client is monitored by and when you ping back you will be able to get the status. It is a server IP address allowing you to access the information being a client. You will not be able to access until and unless you enable session properly.

Importance of Sessions

A session is needed to connect between different servers through for information interchange. A host of sessions will be functioning for a task to be accomplished. Once the task has been done, the same IP address favors dumping of a particular session in a safe manner.


Being a host IP address, is required for the HTTP server for carrying the information through different sessions including establishment and accomplishment of them. This IP address takes center stage whenever the hostname’s IP address is to be made free from conflicts. For this purpose, an ARP query is needed.


Not only you need an IP address like, but also the complete report of the path is required to monitor the functioning of a network through different sessions. By pinging, you can know the status of the session and the role played by the host IP address for that particular session.

Facts about

Connecting to the Internet is facilitated by as it is one of the IP addresses of Linksys. The starting range of dynamic IP addresses, which are allocated by default start with this number. DHCP takes care of the process of assigning your computer with that of routers belonging to Linksys.

How to Access

Assigning as a dynamic IP address allows you to avoid address conflicts. You will come across this IP address when you are trying to access your router settings. Administering of your network is possible when you give preference to managing of this IP address.

Using IP address

Ping to check or access your IP address available on the network. Establishing connection between routers and networks is possible only when you related to another router or network. This is the best way of accessing internal resources as well for the safe and efficient usage of the network resources.

Also, you need to check the functioning of the network through whenever the network slows down. This IP address functions in the best way whenever you are trying to assess the message delivery procedure between hosts and routers. The communication will fail if the message is transferred to a wrong router.

Importance of

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP starts assigning of IP addresses with while you are trying to access your LAN settings. Without this address, it would be difficult for the routers to differentiate among a host of IP addresses. A conflict scenario will arise because of the routers bearing same IP addresses.

Pinging for Connection Stability

You need to communicate between different routers. This is because it is the IP address allocated for your server. Checking the connection status is possible whenever clients ping to this address. If there is no problem with this IP, then it means the server and clients can exchange information freely. All this is part of DNS settings setup.

Check you Local Settings

Firstly, you need to check your local connection settings. Run a check for any failures within your network itself. You may consider as the ultimate option as it the default IP address given by the DHCP for the purpose of establishing contacts between different entities like clients and server.

Settings Adjustment

In case there is no response, you might alter the router IP address from to a different one. Now, type any domain name in the search bar and check whether you are able to access Internet.