Significance of

The usage of signifies that it is the IP address used by Linksys routers by default. Changing the IP address will result in the different allocation by DHCP. It is confined to LANs only and cannot be used for connecting to other networks. Connecting with different routers is favored whenever you this IP address.

Resolving the Issue of Routers

However, there might be some conflicting scenarios arising when other routers too are utilizing as their default IP address. The best way to resolve this issue is to change the IP address as your end. This helps in the better path definition for addresses.

Broadband Services

The deficit created by an IP address like for home broadband routers is irreplaceable.  This is also because it is a private IP address for IPv4 level. Hence, it favors different routers to get connected with this IP address in a dynamic fashion.


The efficiency of routers will be reduced if more than one instance of is used. Hence, the usage of this address is limited to just one device alone. The modem settings need to be checked in case a user complains that this IP address is not working even it is meant for private usage.

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  1. most broadband services are crappy, they can’t maintain high data transfer rates .~*

  2. When I first purchased my Linksys wireless I never set up a password. Lately i’ve been getting kicked off, and I think other people around the area are connecting via my wireless. I need to know what steps/or how to go in and set up a password so other people can’t connect to my internet. Hope you can help.
    Jim… :?:

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